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Tutto n’antro magnà – 0761.924279 – Via Cavour

La Cantina del Borgo – 327.6961891 – Corso Meonia 2

Il Quadrifoglio – 0761.924281 – Via Verga 19

La Fraschetta degli antichi sapori  – 0761.924322 – Via Mentana

L’Etruria Bistrot – 393.0750880 – Via Teverina 36

Piccolo Mondo – 0761.924466 – Via Madonna del Piano 27

La Locanda del Mostro – 0761.924029 – Loc. Giardino

Produzioni tipiche

Azienda Agricola MELISSA DE SANTIS – Produzioni agricole

Azienda Agricola TONINO MONCHINI – Farine e legumi

Azienda Agricola LA COLONNA – Vini bianchi e rossi

Cooperativa Agricola del Lavoro Bomarzo – Olio

Azienda Agricola Agriserivizi Sas – Olio

Gusto Sapore Piacere Srl  – Produzione e lavorazione carni

Cooperativa Agricola l’Onnoro – Produzione carni

Il Forno di Bomarzo Srl  – Pane e dolci secchi

The Sacred Forest

A congeries of giant, eerie stone figures, originally colored, are arranged among the vegetation on the sloping terraces of an enchanting natural amphitheater.

Monsters with ancient charm

The Sacred Grove, known to all as the Monster Park is a unique work of its kind, conceived and commissioned by Vicino Orsini, a fine scholar who was part of the close circle of poets and men of letters in Venice and Rome, a valiant condottiero, who spent his mature years there in the company of his closest friends. According to some fruit of the creator's conflicted state of mind, the "monsters" are nevertheless explanatory of a culture that matured within that taste for the horrid, the magical and the esoteric in vogue in Rome in the second half of the 16th century.

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🗓️ Friday, June 30, 2023 21:30 Palazzo Orsini - Bomarzo(VT) Friday, June 30 at 9:30 p.m. in Bomarzo (VT) at Palazzo Orsini, as part of the celebrations of Vicino500, will compete for the first regional title of this edition : Miss Miluna Lazio 2023

Neighbor's dream

I, Vicino Orsini, born in Rome on the 4th of July of the year 1523, I have seen the greatness, the splendor and nevertheless, the vices of the Eternal City; I saw the ferment of art in Venice and the magnificence of Florence; I experienced the horror of war and the sufferings of imprisonment ... But finally, I found peace and quiet of soul here, in the land of Bomarzo, between the mighty walls of my Palace and the harsh and virgin nature ... Here I realized my big dream. A dream that still continues and that I would also like to make each of you live ... In Bomarzo, in my Bomarzo, on the 4th of July 2023, for the feast of my five hundred years! ....