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Near Orsini

Pier Francesco Orsini, called Vicino, was born on July 4, 1523 to Giovanni Corrado degli Orsini, and Clarice Orsini. Following the death of his father, after a controversial hereditary partition, he became Duke of Bomarzo in 1542 and shortly afterwards to strengthen ties with the Farnese family, he married Giulia di Galeazzo Farnese. After following, for about 10 years, a military career with ups and downs in France and Flanders, he returned to Bomarzo in 1555.

In 1560 following the death of Giulia Farnese, he retired, almost permanently, to Bomarzo, where he was able to devote himself to the creation of the Sacred Wood and the completion of the Orsini Palace, where he hosted his many friends. Here he spent peaceful days and head of a family of numerous children delighted in hunting, reading and amusements in the “Prelibato Boschetto.” On January 28, 1585, Vicino Orsini died, delivering, to the world, admirable and unique works created through his extravagant imagination.
“Only to gladden the heart.”

In the Sign of Neighbor

July 4, 2023 marks the 500th year since the birth of Vicino Orsini, Prince of Bomarzo.

The Municipality of Bomarzo in order to promote the planning of cultural events on the occasion of the five-hundredth anniversary of the birth of “Vicino Orsini” Lord of Bomarzo, by Determination No. 134 of March 22, 2022, has issued a public notice for the realization of a cultural project, to be carried out in the period between 30/06/2022 and 30/07/2023.

ST Sinergie srl, a marketing and communications company that carries out its activities by providing technical and professional support to public and private entities and companies for cultural projects, tourism promotion, and educational projects in schools , was awarded the above notice with the Project “In the sign of VICINO” – Cultural events on the figure of the Lord of Bomarzo 500 years after his birth (Determination No. 178 of April 28, 2022), with the intent to contribute significantly to the growth of the socio-economic fabric of the territory. The strategic objectives of the project presented are aimed at the cultural enhancement of the population with respect to the historical heritage that Vicino Orsini created in the Territory of Bomarzo (significant examples: Palazzo Orsini and the Sacred Wood) and the promotion of historical identity as a driver of development for both tourism and local businesses.

A logo as a bridge of time

As required by the announcement, the purpose of this logotype is the fusion of the figure of Vicino, on the five-hundredth anniversary of his birth, and the “Sacred Wood,” as Orsini himself often liked to call it. The mask having on its head the Orsini coat of arms rendered three-dimensionally spherical, gave the idea its start. The sculpture itself lends itself to being split in two, although cleverly connected with the decoration on the head of the mask. The sphere on the head was modified: keeping the proportion and diameter of the globe, only one of the four roses in the stone original was taken, then enlarged and stylized. The building also underwent a change: the two doors on the facade were added and reduced to its basic shape tilted toward an ideal vertex to close the figure.

The logo is divided into two parts: in the upper one is graphically rendered Orsini and his Household (castle and rose), the anniversary of the Five Hundredth Anniversary placed on either side of the flower and highly visible. In the lower part, the park (the same mask recalls by vague association a bear, also depicted in the Family coat of arms). The payoff below connects the figure with the text by alternating in coloring to balance the tones. The colors harken back to the park itself and to the tuff, the local stone with which the castle and village was erected